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The exclusive materials and innovative technologies we use to build our in-ground pools result in a spectacular increase in durability.

The Z1220-Double ZincTM Process

This code is your best guarantee for durability. It refers to the industry’s highest level of galvanization (1,220 g of zinc per m2), used for the steel panels in our pools, The result: 70% more protection than that of our competitors’ panels! Revent studies by SOREVCO confirm that with this process, the steel panels of your pool can easily withstand upto a century of use.

For even greater protection from corrosion, the process also features an innovative honeycomb panel surface, which retains 2.5 times more zinc than conventional surfaces. What’s more, every perforation on the panels is coated with high-zinc primer.

The Thermos Effect

As an option, our insulation process runs counter to the popular belief that the water of in-ground swimming pools tends to keep the ground cool and to lose heat faster. By injecting a high-performance thermal insulation on the pool’s outer walls, we create what we refer to as the Thermos Effect. The result is a longer swimming season and significant savings in pool heating expenses.

A Weatherproof Warranty

The stability and durability of Hudon in-ground swimming pools set them apart. Because they are built to standards that redefine the industry’s own, our pools offer exceptional resistance to harsh weather and truly stand the test of time.

That is why all our pool structures come with a lifetime, 100% warranty.

TOX System

The TOX System

The TOX pressure technique assembly system used to manufacture the pool’s wall panels is a rivet-free riveting method.The TOX system features exceptionally strong seams while protecting the panel’s galvanized finish.





coupe de structure de piscine

Concrete Braces

Another special feature: you have the option of replacing the steel braces that usually stabilize the wall panels with concrete braces (certified resistance: dynamic load=100 lbs/sq. ft.). Concrete braces are much stronger and give the deck greater stability.












renfort d'acier

Steel Reinforcement


Liner clamp


Aluminium surround